Floating Wetland SolutionsImprove Water Quality
Floating Wetland SolutionsReduce N, P, TSS, Pathogens, Metals
Floating Wetland SolutionsImprove Oxygen and Reduce B.O.D.
Floating Wetland SolutionsRestore Habitat and Fisheries
Floating Wetland SolutionsEarth Friendly and Sustainable

Solutions/System Designs

We are providers of comprehensive FTW solutions. This means providing a Floating Treatment Wetland system that is specifically designed and configured to best meet the goals and objective for the project. This requires “treatment knowledge” for applying FTWs in order to promote desired biological activity and activity rates such as riparian edge, hydraulic flow paths, open water and submerged surfaces; All well-known and accepted things that affect activity rates. Our modular platform is ideally suited to be easily configured to leverage our “treatment knowledge” to best achieve those desired outcomes.

Configuration Examples

The following configuration examples are meant to illustrate how easy our modular platform can be used to create treatment alternatives. Green modules represent floating islands, blue modules represent submerged floating wetlands and the spaces between modules represent open water.

Config 1
Config 2 alt

The overall shape and dimensions are based on the desired design. Notice how much riparian edge this modular platform provides. Consider a conventional 1000 square foot floating island that is 40 feet long and 25 feet deep. It has 130 linear feet of riparian edge. 1000 square feet of FTW using our modular platform would have 650 linear feet of riparian edge; 5 times more riparian edge than conventional floating islands. Pictured below are 4 modules that were not planted, however volunteer plants developed along the edges where activity rates are greatest.

Activity on Riparian Edge
Activity on Riparian Edge

Our standard modular platform was designed to meet most project needs, however if it won’t meet your project’s requirements, we have expertise and experience in designing and fabricating a wide range of FTW related structures that incorporate the structural and biological “best practices” that are so critical for matching the environmental structural stresses and functions requirements for your specific project.

Highly Custom Design
Highly Custom Design

We have experience in engineering, research and development, manufacturing and fabrication, along with specialized manufacturing and assembly processes and techniques that allow us to design and fabricate customized FTW designs that best meet your project’s needs. In cases where you have a specific design in mind, we will work with your designers and share our experience to ensure your design will be successful.

Variety of Islands & Wetlands
Variety of Islands & Wetlands