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Design, Manufacturing, Installation & Service of Floating Islands and Floating Wetlands

Floating Wetland Solutions offers design, manufacturing, installation and repair services for Floating Islands and Floating Wetlands.

An industry leader, we have accumulated a foundation of “best practices” and a unique modular platform that can be configured to optimize each project’s site conditions and structural demands for the most productive treatment elements that correspond to the project’s goals.

Newly Planted Floating Wetland
Newly Planted & Launched Floating Island System
Configuration using Standard Modular Design

Clean water like clean air is fundamentally important for the health of our environment. Managing and improving water quality starts with managing water quality throughout our watersheds. Everything upstream eventually ends up downstream, so our Floating Wetland Solutions can be applied anywhere in the watershed.

Our Mission:

1. Promote and apply Floating Island and Floating Wetland solutions to improve water quality, fisheries and ecological health throughout the watershed.

2. Design and apply solutions that promote site conditions that optimize natural science and biological processes, to achieve desired ecological benefits that are incremental and sustainable.