Floating Wetland SolutionsImprove Water Quality
Floating Wetland SolutionsReduce N, P, TSS, Pathogens, Metals
Floating Wetland SolutionsImprove Oxygen and Reduce B.O.D.
Floating Wetland SolutionsRestore Habitat and Fisheries
Floating Wetland SolutionsEarth Friendly and Sustainable



Excessive nutrient and sediment loading into our aquatic ecosystems from agriculture, urban runoff, erosion, leaking sewer and septic systems, and industrial discharges, have led to adverse ecological effects such as turbidity and eutrophication throughout our watersheds. Runoff from agricultural fields and leaking septic systems can also introduce pathogenic organisms such as fecal coliform. Unchecked, these conditions degrade the ecosystem and diminish the recreational value and safety of our waters.

Our Mission:

  1. Apply Floating Treatment Wetland solutions to improve water quality & ecological health throughout the watershed.
    • Upstream nearer the sources
    • Downstream where it collects
  2. Leverage natural science & biological processes in partnership with nature
  3. Seek ecological benefits that are incremental and sustainable.

Our Approach:

Floating Wetland Solutions provides engineered product solutions that improve the water quality and ecological health of water bodies throughout our watersheds Our design-solution regulate the primary environmental factors that control wetland microbial processes to maximize treatment capacity.

Our strategy for implementing environmental control leverages our unique product design that expands the definition of FTWs as Floating Islands only, to include submerged surface microbial habitat (receives sunlight), and integrates mass transfer design strategies, such as integration of open water areas, flow channels, structured habitat, and a high ratio of riparian edge to total FTW area into FTW design. Microbial habitat is employed as the primary control mechanism of reaction site environmental conditions.