Floating Wetland SolutionsImprove Water Quality
Floating Wetland SolutionsReduce N, P, TSS, Pathogens, Metals
Floating Wetland SolutionsImprove Oxygen and Reduce B.O.D.
Floating Wetland SolutionsRestore Habitat and Fisheries
Floating Wetland SolutionsEarth Friendly and Sustainable


Floating Wetland Grid

Clean water like clean air is fundamentally important for the health of our environment. Managing and improving water quality starts with management of our watersheds. Watersheds are important because the surface water and stormwater runoff within a watershed ultimately drain to other bodies of water downstream. In other words, everything upstream eventually ends up downstream.

Our Mission:

  1. Apply Floating Treatment Wetland solutions to improve water quality & ecological health throughout the watershed.
    • Upstream nearer the sources
    • Downstream where it collects
  2. Leverage natural science & biological processes in partnership with nature
  3. Seek ecological benefits that are incremental and sustainable.

Floating Wetland Solutions markets, sells, manufactures, installs and services Floating Wetland product-based solutions that improve water quality throughout the watershed. Our product solutions leverage natural wetland biological processes and are themselves eco friendly and sustainable.

What makes us different from other “floating island” companies is the novel modular design of our Floating Wetland products, which allows us to design solutions that target the regulation of environmental factors that control wetland microbial processes, to maximize treatment capacity.

We market and sell direct to customers and indirectly through other engineering or consulting firms. We can provide turn key projects that include, design, manufacture, delivery, site assembly, installation and follow up service and training if needed. While the direct customer experience is invaluable to our learning, we also sell globally working through engineering or consulting firms who have local knowledge and access, and often specialize within a narrower water quality focus such as rural waste water or stormwater wet ponds or fisheries, etc. We support the local engineering or consulting firm with our expertise while they serve as the prime contact with the customer, thus allowing us to target geographical areas that would otherwise be difficult for us to cost effectively service directly.