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Floating Wetland SolutionsFloating Islands and Submerged Floating Wetlands
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Platform Configurations

Unique & Versatile System Configurations

Floating Wetland Solutions with 42 floating modules

This modular configuration includes 42 Floating Island modules and 28 submerged Floating Wetland modules. The treatment area covers 2772 square feet, provides 1092 linear feet of riparian edge and includes 1113 square feet of open water area within the system.

Graphic of Floating Wetlands

Submerged Floating Wetlands

Submerged Floating Wetlands are Connected to Floating Islands for Buoyancy and Vertical Stability

Floating Islands can be used as Platforms for other Devises and Equipment such as this Warning Light

Floating Wetland Warning Light
Goose Netting Attached to the Modular Platform

Goose Netting is Easily Attached to Modular Platform

9 Standard Modules - 3 Different Configurations

Versatile Configuration Example

Upper configuration has minimal spacing between Floating Island modules and provides a treatment area of approximately 400 square feet.

Upper configuration

Middle configuration provides large open water spaces between Floating Island modules and provides a treatment area of approximately 780 square feet.

Middle configuration

Bottom configuration shows Floating Islands, submerged Floating Wetlands, and open water spaces, treating approximately 780 square feet.

Bottom configuration

Notice how much riparian edge this modular platform provides