Floating Wetland Solutions’ products include Floating Islands and “submerged” Floating Wetlands, BioFilters and Aerobic Digesters. Every single aquatic environment is unique and the conditions required for wetland biological processes are not uniform. Our modular product design provides the system design options that allow us to uniquely bundle products and precisely position them within the waterbody, so they can target the primary control factors that will enhance the desired wetland biological processes for significantly enhanced performance.

Wetland image

Interconnected Floating Islands & submerged Floating Wetlands

Our unique product design expands the definition of FTWs from Floating Islands only, to include submerged surface microbial habitat we call “submerged” Floating Wetlands. Floating Wetlands and other submerged microbial habitat components are deployed horizontally and/or vertically, illuminated and /or non-illuminated, and integrate mass transfer design strategies, such as open water areas, flow channels, structured habitat, and a high ratio of riparian edge to total FTW area into the design. As our name implies, our goal is to build a FTW platform that delivers effective and efficient solutions for the range of aquatic environments.

Strategically positioning microbial habitat near the desired reaction site and regulating the primary environmental factors is the principle basis for our improved solutions design.

By regulating primary control factors, we can leverage exponential growth capacity for bacteria to drive desired wetland biological activity resulting in significant gains in treatment.

Every module includes an internal metal frame or skeleton that provides greater rigidity, a strong and easy connection point for multiple modules, anchoring and/or any other hardware, and it allows precise horizontal and vertical positioning of modules within thetreatment areas of the water body.

250 LB Man Standing On Module

Standard Floating Island and Floating Wetland modules can be easily
connected together to form larger wetlands. Each module comes with
connecting hardware. Modules can easily be disconnected for maintenance
and/or to be relocated to form new shapes and waterscaping effects.

Engineered Floating Islands and Floating Wetlands are custom designed
and have internal connectivity with metal frames that form firm and tight
seams. The Floating Island above has 3 sections that together form a single
island that is 250 square feet in area.