The utility and application for our FTW designs goes far beyond the more common “floating island/floating wetland” products.

The core elements for FTW application and biological activity are addressed by our modular platform and our system for connecting modules in a wide range of configurations. Our platform is similar to an erector set or tinker toys, enabling the designer to incorporate the FTW features to best match project site conditions and goals.

Design features may include integrating open water areas, submerged surfaces and hydrau-lic flow paths, into task specific FTW configurations.

Newly Planted System

Floating Island modules

Module Schematic 003

Standard Module

Floating Island Modules

Floating Island & submerged Floating Wetland modules

Modularity & Connectivity

The frame and its variable dimensioned components is what allows design versatility to promote desired biological features and best practices.

The frame provides a platform to interconnect modules and from which to deploy a range of submerged modules and devices that perform a range of functions and services.

Connection Hardware
Close Up of Connector
Mock Up in Shop
4 Floating & 1 Submerged Module

Versatile and Highly Durable

Durability & High Quality

We provide the most durable and highest quality Floating Treatment Wetlands.
The core elements for FTW durability are structural components, floatation, and media.


polyurethane closed cell marine foam