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Oxygen Management Is Key for Optimal Water Quality Treatment

Oxygen Management For Optimal Water Quality Treatment

Oxygen management is a foundational design consideration for our floating wetland solutions. Our modular platform is configurable to mimic various wetland specific traits in order to promote the desired oxygen conditions for each treatment zone:

  • Submerged floating wetlands and biofilters establish more oxidizing environments (high DO), which are ideal for nitrification.
  • Floating islands establish lower oxygen environments (low DO) underneath them, which is required for denitrification.
  • Submerged floating wetlands, open water areas, and the riparian edge promote sunlight illumination for greater biofilm production and microbial activity.
Submerged FTW Hight DO

Submerged FTW - High DO

Beneath Floating Island - Low DO

Beneath Floating Island - Low DO

System designs can target specific and singular treatment objectives, or multiple and general treatment objectives, by designing different oxygen conditions for different treatment zones:

  • Varying the spacing and size of adjacent zones of aerobic and anoxic environments promotes sharp redox gradients, offering efficient total nitrogen solutions.
  • Open areas and spacing between wetland modules create higher ratios of riparian edge to the total treatment area, and flow paths promote mixing.
  • Submerged floating wetlands and biofilters provide physical and biological filtration vertically into the water column for greater reduction and sequestration of total suspended solids (TSS) and phosphorus.
  • Submerged floating wetlands are ideal for providing cover and food for fish.